Winter Hair Care Tips

February 13, 2015
hair care

With static electricity, hat hair, dry frizz and split ends, it's difficult to make your hair look healthy and beautiful when the mercury starts to fall. Fortunately, regardless of what's causing your winter hair worries, these replenishing and protective strategies can help you look your best this season.
Moisturize. Conditioner is important any time of year; however, during the winter, you should use a rich, thick moisturizing conditioner with humectants and fatty acids, since these help attract and hold moisture.
Get a humidifier. During the winter, your central heating unit dries the air in your home. Combat this by using at least one humidifier to give your hair a more hospitable environment.
Get regular trims. Prevent dry, splitting ends by getting very light trims every six to eight weeks.
Wash sparingly. Every time you wash your hair, you rinse away your body's natural moisturizers and promote dryness. To keep your hair from becoming too dry, only wash your hair two to three times a week if possible.
Go the extra mile. For many people, regular moisturizing isn't enough to prevent winter hair woes. If this sounds like you, try using a hair oil or deep conditioning treatment once a week. Many people also supplement their store-bought products with safflower, olive or vegetable oil by working a few drops into their hair after showering.
Fight static. Static electricity can be maddening for people who have long hair. Fortunately, you can easily eliminate the problem by lightly rubbing a fabric softening dryer sheet over your hair.
Change your styling product. Many people are able to eliminate winter hair difficulties by simply changing their styling product. Instead of gels, use a styling cream which adds moisture, while offering better elasticity and more pliability.
Combat hat hair: During the winter, many people wear hats to stay warm. Unfortunately, this often promotes flat, lifeless hair. To maintain body and bounce once you've removed your hat, pull shorter hair back, or wrap long hair up into a pony tail high on your head before putting your hat on.

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