Your Choice for Allergy Treatment in Connecticut, Massachusetts & New York

Since PhysicianOne Urgent Care was founded in 2008, we’ve made it our goal to deliver high-quality care with ease and speed. We’re pleased to offer allergy treatment at our urgent care centers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

Allergy Symptoms

The symptoms of an allergic reaction will vary from one person to another, but often include:

·   Watery, red, or swollen eyes

·   Sneezing

·   A stuffy or runny nose

·   Coughing

·   Wheezing

·   Itchiness

·   Hives (a raised rash that may be red or skin-colored)

Allergy Causes

An allergic reaction occurs when a person’s immune system mistakenly identifies a harmless foreign substance (allergen) as being dangerous, then takes steps to fight off that substance. Allergies can be divided into different categories based on the type of allergen involved, such as:

·   Seasonal allergies (e.g., pollen)

·   Environmental allergies (e.g., pet dander, dust mites, and mold)

·   Food allergies (e.g., peanuts, wheat, and shellfish)

Allergy Treatment

Depending on your specific circumstances, our providers may recommend a combination of the following allergic reaction treatments:

·   Taking medication

·   Using a nasal spray

·   Rinsing your sinuses with a neti pot

·   Inhaling steam

·   Applying a cool compress

Remember to always call 911 or get to a nearby emergency room if you experience life-threatening allergy symptoms such as severe shortness of breath, lightheadedness, nausea/vomiting, a rapid but weak pulse, or loss of consciousness.

Urgent Care When & Where You Want It

When you partner with PhysicianOne Urgent Care for allergy treatment, you’ll have a wide range of options available to you. We have locations across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, which are perfect for when you want to receive in-person care. Our offices are open 365 days per year during extended hours, and you can choose whether to walk in or book online ahead of time.

We also offer a 24/7 telemedicine service, which is excellent for when you need to speak to a provider but it’s after hours or you simply don’t wish to leave your home. No matter which option you choose, you can expect to receive professional, fast, and friendly urgent care for your allergies.

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