Walk-In Physicals for School & Sports Physicals

October 2, 2012

Updated physical exams are often required for children to start school or for young athletes to participate in sports. All children should be followed annually by a pediatrician or family medical doctor. Well visits monitor growth and development, provide education, and keep immunizations current. These visits, when completed in primary care offices, are typically covered by health insurances.
Busy personal schedules and limited appointment availability can sometimes make it difficult to schedule your child for a well visit with their regular doctor. If deadlines are approaching and you can’t get a timely appointment for your child, consider visiting an urgent care center. Many urgent care offices provide walk in availability for school and sports physicals. Keep in mind that when these physicals are done outside primary care offices, they cannot be submitted through insurance companies and payment is often due at the time of the visit. Providing your child’s complete immunization record is essential for completing most school and sports forms.
Having a “Medical Home” for your child at a primary care doctor’s office is best, but when this is not possible, urgent care offices provide convenient services for meeting school, sports, or camp requirements
Dr. Cynthia Vanson,
Assistant Medical Director for Urgent Care of Connecticut
Urgent Care of Connecticut provides information about walk-in physical exams on their website www.ucofconnecticut.com

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