Top 5 Diets that Work

March 11, 2015
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Millions of Americans struggle to maintain healthy eights. Out of desperation, many turn to dangerous crash diets that jeopardize their health and wellbeing. To lose weight without putting your body at risk, you need a smart, balanced approach. In its annual "Best Diets" study, U.S. News and World Report took a close look at today's most popular diets to determine which offered the most promising results.
Best Overall Diets
After spending months analyzing 35 high-profile diets, based on weight loss results, ease-of-use and overall health benefits, U.S. News named the government-sponsored Dash Diet the best overall diet plan, thanks to a good mix of results and health benefits. The TCL, Mediterranean, Weight Watchers and Mayo Clinic diets ranked next as good options for health-conscious weight loss.
Best Results
When it came to ranking diets based strictly on weight loss results, Weight Watchers narrowly beat out the HMR Diet, which impressed the researchers by allowing people to maintain a dramatic amount of weight loss under medical supervision. The Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser and Raw Food diets rounded out the list for this category.
Ease of Use
Diet plans typically yield the best results when they’re easy to follow. According to U.S. News, the top five in this category included the Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Mediterranean, Flexitarian and Volumetrics diets.
Diets for Individual Needs
Because different people have different needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for dieting. With this in mind, U.S. News rated popular diets for specific health interests. For people with diabetes, the DASH diet reigned supreme, followed closely by the Biggest Loser, Vegan and Mayo Clinic diets. For people focused on heart health, the Ornish diet led the way, followed by the TLC, DASH, Mediterranean and Vegan diets. For vegetarians, the Mediterranean diet yielded the best results, followed by the Flexitarian, Ornish and Vegetarian diets.
Getting Long-term Results
Unfortunately, most people tend to regain lost weight no matter what diet they choose. If you're committed to getting long-term results, choose a long-term plan you can stick to indefinitely. When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, long- term lifestyle changes always provide better results than temporary diets.

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