Tea Tree Oil

March 19, 2015

10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is a natural oil derived from the Tea Tree that is native to Australia. Tea tree oil has many benefits and uses for different topical ailments.
Please note that Tea Tree Oil is not recommended for oral ingestion.
Here are the top ten uses for tea tree oil:

  1. Relieving symptoms of Athlete’s Foot
  2. Curing fungal nail infections
  3. Treating mild to moderate acne
  4. Improving cold sores
  5. Reducing symptoms associated with dandruff
  6. Relieving the symptoms of cough and congestion
  7. Reducing the side effects of some skin allergies
  8. Increase recovery with ear infections
  9. Preventing infections in cuts, abrasions, burns, insect bites, and boils.
  10. Swishing tea tree oil in the mouth has been known to help treat oral yeast infections as well relieve symptoms of sore throats.
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