Summer exercise activities for a healthy heart

August 31, 2015

Warm weather provides an ideal opportunity for outdoor exercise. While just about any physical activity can improve overall health, some offer better cardiovascular benefits than others. If you're looking to improve your health and trim your waistline, learn the best summer exercise activities for your .
Interval Training
Ideal for losing weight, improving fitness and preventing diabetes and heart disease, interval training involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise with intermediate periods of active recovery. For example, you might try running for three minutes and then walking at a brisk pace for one minute, before running for another three minutes and so on. If you're not in good enough shape to run, try walking briskly for three minutes with one minute of slower walking as your active recovery period.
Non-impact, Total-body Sports
These include swimming, rowing, cross-country skiing and anything else that recruits numerous muscles throughout the body. For best results, mix in intervals of varying intensity.
Weight Training
Essentially another form of interval training, weight lifting increases your heart rate during reps and allows it to slow while you rest between sets. By strengthening your muscles, you can take pressure off your heart. Start slow with light weights if you're a beginner. You should also focus on your core, build balance and do exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups.
Core Workouts
Whether it's yoga or Pilates, core workouts are great for improving strength, balance and flexibility. The benefits promote better health and injury resistance, whether you're weeding your garden, playing golf or carrying groceries.
Regular activity throughout the day can make a big impact on your cardiovascular health. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator and get up and move every thirty minutes if you're stuck behind a computer.
Things to Consider
Studies have shown that regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease and stroke. With that said, it's important to take precautions before starting a new exercise regimen. If you're out of shape, start slow. Likewise, it's a good idea to get a complete before engaging in a new workout routine, especially if you're older or have any chronic health problems.

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