Spring Allergies Treatment in Connecticut, New York & Massachusetts

April 27, 2018
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As spring unfolds across Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts, so too do the familiar symptoms of seasonal allergies. Whether they're surrounded by city buildings or nestled in the tranquil countryside, residents brace themselves for the annual onslaught of pollen-induced sneezes and itchy eyes. Amidst the beauty of blooming flora, communities unite in their quest for relief from the allergens that pervade the region during this time of year. While many find relief using over-the-counter medications, others prefer a more natural approach. If allergies have left you feeling less than perfect, learn how to reduce allergy flare-ups with some targeted lifestyle changes.

How to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

When trying to fend off spring allergies, it's important to avoid stimuli that can bring on or exacerbate attacks. To potentially reduce your symptoms, take the following steps:

  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol dilates blood vessels inside the nose. This can lead to worsening symptoms of hay fever, allergies, and asthma.
  • Reduce your stress: Studies indicate that stress can worsen allergy symptoms by increasing the body's levels of allergy-triggering proteins.
  • Stay inside after storms: Storms and heavy winds can cause plants and trees to release more pollen, so it’s best to stay inside for a period after high winds and give these allergens a chance to settle.
  • Go light on hair products: By making your hair sticky, hair styling gels act like pollen-attracting magnets. Along with this, heavily scented hygiene products can also exacerbate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  • Clean your fans: By propelling dust into the air, fans can aggravate allergies. Be sure to regularly clean the blades to minimize problems.
  • Don't over-water house plants: Moist soil is a breeding ground for allergy-causing mold and mildew.
  • Take a shower before bedtime: This will rinse pollen and other allergens from your body and prevent them from accumulating in your bed.
  • Keep your pets clean: Not only can pet dander exacerbate seasonal allergies, but outdoor allergens can imbed themselves into your pet’s fur. Bathe your pets regularly to clean allergens from their coats.
  • Dehumidify your home: Moist air can increase the dust mite population in your home. Combat this by reducing your interior humidity by around 40 to 45 percent using a dehumidifier. You can also improve air quality in your home by using an air filtration unit equipped with a HEPA filter.

Urgent Care for Allergies From PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Connecticut, Massachusetts & New York

For some people, allergies can be a major problem that can lower the quality of life. Whether you're grappling with allergies or any other non-life-threatening health concern, PhysicianOne Urgent Care is here to provide diagnosis and treatment. We operate multiple urgent care centers across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, ensuring accessibility every day of the year with extended hours. 

What's more, our services are available on a walk-in basis, eliminating the hassle of scheduling appointments in advance. Just drop by one of our locations at your convenience. Additionally, we offer online booking for those who prefer to secure their spot in line and Virtual Visits for individuals who seek care from the comfort of their homes. Our telehealth service is seamlessly integrated and accessible 24/7, allowing you to consult with a local provider even in the wee hours. Simply log on to our secure videoconferencing platform via your video-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer to describe your symptoms and receive personalized care recommendations.

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