Simple Ways to Get Your 8 Glasses of Water

March 11, 2016
Ways to Get Your 8 Glasses of Water

Essential to our health and survival, water provides a number of benefits that can improve the way we look and feel. Unfortunately, many people fall short of drinking the recommended eight glasses per day, either because they are too busy or dislike the taste. If you've been having trouble meeting your hydration goals, learn how to drink more water the easy way.
Why It's Important
In addition to flushing toxins and improving cell function, water promotes increased energy and better digestion. It also increases the body's fat burning abilities, while reducing cravings and over-eating. To make sure you are meeting your daily needs, try the following hydration strategies:

  • Have a glass of water when you get up, before leaving the house, when you use the bathroom and at other transitional points during your day.
  • When you drink apple, grape or orange juice, try filling half the glass with water.
  • Curb your appetite and promote fullness by immediately drinking a glass of water anytime you crave junk food.
  • Substitute your coffee with a cup of hot water flavored with lemon juice or a drop of honey.
  • Freeze peeled oranges, limes or lemons and use them in place of ice cubes to give your water some extra kick.
  • Always keep a large bottle of water handy while doing laundry, watching TV, making dinner or at work.
  • Set reminders on your phone or create mental triggers by drinking water every single time you do a daily task.
  • Eat juicy foods with high water content. These include cucumber, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit and cherries.
  • Add an antioxidant punch to plain water by brewing some decaffeinated tea.

Avoiding Caffeine and Alcohol
Diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol promote dehydration by increasing urination. If you choose to drink caffeine or alcohol, be sure to increase your water intake to make up for this. You should also drink more water if you exercise frequently or spend a lot of time outdoors working or playing in warm temperatures.

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