Safe Snow Day Tips For Kids

January 7, 2015
snow safety

Tips to Ensure a Safe Snow Day for Your Child
Virtually all children light up when they hear their schools have closed due to snowfall. While snow days usually give rise to sledding, skating, snowmen and other varieties of winter fun, they can also result in serious that require medical attention. To ensure that your child enjoys an injury-free day of cold- weather fun, consider the following snow safety tips.
Add Layers
Because children are so active, it can be difficult to dress them appropriately during the winter months. Too much clothing and they grow hot and sweaty. Too little and they start to shiver. Ideally, you should dress your child in layers of thin, warm clothing, adding one extra layer than what you might wear yourself.
Protect Extremities
Fingers and toes are usually the first to feel winter's bite. To keep your kid's hands and feet warm and dry, make sure he or she wears water-proof gloves and boots that won't soak up melting snow.
Dress in Bright Colors
Slippery winter roads are especially hazardous for children, since vehicles tend to have a hard time stopping. Make sure to dress your child in bright, noticeable colors, so motorists will see them before it's too late.
Protect Their Skin
Although the sun's rays may feel less intense during the winter, they can actually get a boost from reflective snow. Regardless of the season, it's important to apply sunscreen to your child to prevent burns and dangerous skin cancers.
Choose the Right Play Area
Make sure your children play in a safe area free from traffic, frozen water and hidden dangers buried beneath the snow.
Wear a Helmet
According to a study in Pediatrics, over 20,000 American kids end up in emergency rooms each year due to sledding-related injuries. Most of these involve the head, so equip your child with a helmet to prevent potentially serious head injuries.
Stay Close
Unfortunately, even well-behaved kids can get carried away when they're having winter fun. To keep your child as safe as possible, make sure you or someone you trust is available to supervise the activity. You should also encourage children to take breaks to prevent them from growing too sweaty, since this can promote rapid cooling, once they finally do slow down.

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