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Is It Just Allergies, or COVID-19?

Allergy season is typically a miserable time of year for allergy sufferers, but this year, everything is a bit more complicated. That’s because of COVID-19, the respiratory virus that has many of the same symptoms as allergies. Now, every tickle in the throat or stuffy nose is a cause for concern: Is it just allergies or is it COVID-19? Thankfully, there are a few ways allergies differentiate from COVID-19:

The Symptoms

Nasal congestion, headache, runny nose, cough, wheezing, and sore throat are all symptoms that allergies share with COVID-19. However, there are a handful of other prominent allergy symptoms that are not present with this virus, such as itchy or watery eyes and post-nasal drip. On the other hand, those with COVID-19 will more commonly experience fever, shortness of breath, intense fatigue, and body aches.

The Treatment

Allergy symptoms respond to antihistamines. COVID-19 symptoms do not. However, you may be able to ease the severity of COVID-19 symptoms with over-the-counter pain relievers and fever reducers, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

The Timeline

Allergy symptoms are long-lasting while COVID-19 symptoms will often resolve within a couple of weeks. What’s more, you may be able to tell that your symptoms are due to allergies because of your past history. Have you often dealt with allergy symptoms this time of year? If so, it’s more likely than not that your allergies are the culprit.

PhysicianOne Urgent Care has facilities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York where we provide allergy treatment as well as COVID-19 testing. If you are not sure if your symptoms are due to allergies or COVID-19, we can perform a nasopharyngeal swab to determine if you have the virus. We offer COVID-19 testing on a drive-up basis, and we ask that you first schedule a virtual visit with our team so we can learn more about the symptoms you’re experiencing to discern if a COVID-19 test is appropriate for you. If so, we’ll be glad to arrange this test at a time that works for you.

Allergy Treatment Offered Seven Days Per Week

If you are concerned about your allergy symptoms and would like to speak with a medical provider about your treatment options, you can visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care seven days per week. Appointments are never required, and you can skip the wait in the waiting room by utilizing our online check-in system. You’ll be seen promptly by an experienced practitioner who will evaluate your symptoms and learn about your medical history in order to develop a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at helping you feel better. Or, if you would feel more comfortable receiving allergy treatment via telemedicine, we offer virtual visits over a secure videoconferencing platform.

The Right Care at the Right Time

PhysicianOne Urgent Care is here for you, whether you’re experiencing allergy symptoms or worried you have contracted COVID-19. Please schedule a virtual visit if you are looking to be tested for COVID-19, or visit any of our facilities for prompt allergy treatment.

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