When to Seek Urgent Care for Fever: Guidance for Our Patients in Waltham, MA

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Are you cold and shivering, but somehow sweating at the same time? These are classic symptoms of a fever, which occurs when your core body temperature shoots up as your immune system fights off an infection. Many viruses and bacteria can thrive when your body temperature is at a normal and comfortable 98.6°F but are sensitive to higher temperatures. By effectively “turning up the heat,” your immune system is helping your body recover by making it difficult for those potentially harmful invaders to survive.

Sometimes, however, an elevated body temperature can do you more harm than good. If you need relief from fever-related discomfort, the experienced team of medical professionals at PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Waltham, Massachusetts, is here to help. Here is some general information on what to expect with:

A Mild-to-Moderate Fever

Generally defined as a body temperature that falls between 100.5°F and 102.1°F, a low-grade fever is usually mild, short-lived, and not a cause for concern. Your best course of action may be to simply rest comfortably at home, drink plenty of fluids, apply cold compresses to your forehead and wrists, and avoid close contact with others (because you might be contagious). As long as your fever stays within that range and you don’t experience potentially serious symptoms, such as shortness of breath or a stiff neck, you should be able to safely ride it out at home. Just be sure to keep tabs on your body temperature to make sure it doesn’t go any higher.

A High Fever

If your fever is between 102.2°F and 103°F, you should consistently take your temperature with a thermometer every 30 minutes, because a mid-grade fever can quickly escalate to a dangerously high level. It’s also important to try to get your body temperature down. To do so, you might take a cool bath and use an over-the-counter fever reducer, such as acetaminophen, as directed on the package labeling. If your fever lasts longer than two days or exceeds 103°F, you should seek emergency medical attention.

If you’re concerned about a mild-to-moderate fever, you can request a Virtual Visit with an experienced provider at PhysicianOne Urgent Care, who will discuss your symptoms and, if appropriate, suggest COVID-19 testing. You can count on us to help you get well and be well.

To learn more about fever treatment, contact PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Waltham today.

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