Convenient & Effective Minor Burn Treatment Available in Medford, MA

A patient with a bandage wrapped around their hand and wrist speaking with a doctor

We’ve all experienced a minor burn before, and the pain these injuries cause can sometimes interfere with our daily lives. If you’ve experienced a minor burn and want to speak with a medical professional, turn to PhysicianOne Urgent Care. Our Medford, Massachusetts, location is right around the corner, and we can take a look at your burn quickly and recommend appropriate treatment options. In fact, we can even schedule a Virtual Visit, so you can speak to one of our medical professionals from the comfort of your home.

When to Come to Us for Minor Burn Treatment

PhysicianOne Urgent Care can treat first- and second-degree burns. These burns do not reach deeper than the top two layers of skin, and may cause:

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Red or white splotches
  • Blistering

Typically, treatment for these burns includes:

  • Cleaning the wound
  • Applying burn cream or ointment
  • Properly dressing the wound to prevent infection

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we can also prescribe medications to relieve pain if necessary.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

Call 911 or head to the nearest emergency room if you’ve experienced a third-degree burn. Symptoms of a severe burn include:

  • A wound that appears black, brown, or white
  • A wound that has a leathery, dry texture
  • A wound that feels numb or painless due to nerve damage

We’re Here for You

If you want to speak to a medical professional about your minor burn at a time that works best for you, simply walk into PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Medford. We’re open 365 days per year at flexible times. For more information contact us today at 860-650-3848.

This was the fastest, easiest, and best doctor's visit. The provider was extremely kind and helpful. I explained my symptoms, the provider asked a few followup questions, and then she issued a script. I will absolutely be using this service again and would recommend to anyone.
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