Offering Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Brockton, MA

Picture of a woman sitting on a couch and holding her upper pelvic area in pain due to a urinary tract infection.

If you’re concerned that you might have a urinary tract infection (UTI), treatment is available at PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s Brockton, Massachusetts, immediate care center. We’ve been treating patients since 2008, and our top-notch care has helped us earn certification by the Urgent Care Association (UCA) and an affiliation with Tufts Medical Center.

Do You Need UTI Treatment?

UTI symptoms can vary from one person to another. Some infections may not produce any noticeable symptoms, but you should promptly seek treatment if possible UTI symptoms develop. These may include:

  • An intense, persistent urge to urinate despite being unable to produce much urine
  • A burning, itching, or stinging sensation while urinating
  • Urine that’s cloudy, bright pink, red, cola-colored, or foul-smelling
  • Urine that contains small blood clots
  • Fatigue
  • An overall feeling of being unwell (malaise)
  • Back pain or discomfort
  • Pelvic pain (in women)

Although UTIs are commonly referred to as “bladder infections,” they can also affect the urethra, ureters, and kidneys. If your UTI spreads to your kidneys, the infection may also cause a fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, pain in the side or upper back, and confusion.

Find Relief Fast

UTI symptoms can be unpleasant—to say the least—so if you think you might have an infection, your main concern is likely finding relief as soon as possible. At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we can help you do exactly that. We’re open 365 days per year during extended hours, and we offer walk-in availability as well as prebooked appointments.

Visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s Brockton immediate care center today at 1340 Belmont Street. Or, if you’d rather avoid leaving the house, schedule a 24/7 telemedicine appointment. One of our experienced providers will determine whether you have an infection and, if so, prescribe the UTI treatment that’s best suited to your needs.

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I had to take my son in for an ear infection following a sudden change in temperament at daycare. He was inconsolable the entire car ride but when we got there and by the time we left this care facility he was back to his normal happy go lucky little two year old boy. I highly recommend PhysicianOne Urgent Care.
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