Same-Day Minor Burn Treatment Available to Residents of Brockton, MA

Picture of a woman with gauze covering a minor burn on her left hand.

Injuries like minor burns can happen when you least expect them, but PhysicianOne Urgent Care believes that you shouldn’t have to be left scrambling for relief when you need it. That’s why we offer minor burn treatment that’s available during extended hours, 365 days per year at our Brockton, Massachusetts, urgent care center. No appointment is required—you can simply walk in and receive the top-notch burn care you need, and you can do so when it is convenient for you.

When to Seek Treatment for a Minor Burn

Minor burns—including first-degree burns—can range in severity, with some cases being treatable from home with the application of a cool compress or running water. Other cases, however, will require effective treatment from a reputable urgent care center like PhysicianOne Urgent Care in order to promote proper healing and prevent infection. If you have a first- or second-degree burn (affecting the first one or two layers of skin) that has become swollen, is causing mild pain, leads to blisters, or appears red or splotchy, professional treatment can help.

On the other hand, some burns can be severe enough to warrant emergency care. If a burn fits the following criteria, call 911 immediately or go to the nearest ER:

  • A white, black, or brown coloring
  • An appearance that is charred or leathery
  • Looks severe but causes little to no pain
  • Is present on the face or covers a large area of the body

These symptoms may indicate a third- or fourth-degree burn, which is not minor and is considered an emergency.

Minor Burn Treatment Made Simple

Burns may be common, but that doesn’t mean that you should be left in a bind when you need fast and effective care for one. When you require minor burn treatment, PhysicianOne Urgent Care is here for you. Skip the stress and come into our Brockton center today to get the care you need, or connect with us online if you’re unsure whether or not your burn requires further treatment.

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