The Urgent Care Center Providing Expert Asthma Treatment in Waterbury, CT

Woman With Asthma Using An Asthma Inhaler For Preventing Attacks

Asthma—a respiratory condition that affects the airways of the body—affects more than 25 million people in the United States. If you’re one of them, you can get the effective asthma treatment you need without having to go far out of your way thanks to PhysicianOne Urgent Care. The expert staff at our urgent care center in Waterbury, Connecticut, are here to help you get better faster with top-notch asthma treatment and asthma management services available during extended hours, 365 days per year.

When to Seek Asthma Treatment

To know when to seek asthma treatment at our urgent care center, it’s good to know more about the signs of asthma and asthma attacks. The symptoms of asthma can vary from person to person, but they typically include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness or chest pain
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Trouble sleeping caused by excessive coughing or breathing trouble

If your symptoms have suddenly worsened or become more frequent and bothersome, or if you find yourself needing to use your inhaler more often, you may need to seek asthma treatment. If you are experiencing asthma attacks—which involve severe shortness of breath, chest tightness, and swollen and inflamed airways—more frequently even when trying to avoid the causes of an asthma attack, you should seek treatment promptly.

Asthma Treatment Made Easy

If you or your child need reliable asthma treatment, all you need to do is visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s center in Waterbury for the quality care you need. If you’d rather schedule a virtual visit with one of our healthcare professionals, you can do so right from the comfort of your own home. For more information on the asthma treatment or other healthcare services we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-860-650-3848.

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I had to take my son in for an ear infection following a sudden change in temperament at daycare. He was inconsolable the entire car ride but when we got there and by the time we left this care facility he was back to his normal happy go lucky little two year old boy. I highly recommend PhysicianOne Urgent Care.
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