Effective Eye Infection Treatment for Shelton, CT, Patients

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Eye infections, such as the notorious condition pink eye (conjunctivitis), can be both uncomfortable and highly contagious. When you're facing an eye infection, don't wait for relief. At PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Shelton, Connecticut, we're here to provide swift and effective eye infection treatment. Our dedicated medical team is ready to administer treatment every day of the year with extended hours.

Causes & Symptoms of Eye Infections

Eye infections typically occur when bacteria or viruses find their way into your eye, causing irritation and inflammation. Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is one of the most prevalent eye infections. It can result from these unwanted intruders or even foreign objects that trigger inflammation within the eyelid and eye membrane. The signs of pink eye are unmistakable:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Discharge, which may crust overnight
  • Frequent tearing
  • A gritty feeling

Although some mild cases of pink eye and other eye infections may resolve on their own, seeking professional care is advisable to ensure the condition doesn't worsen, and to help limit the spread of this potentially contagious condition. Prompt and effective eye infection treatment—like the kind offered at PhysicianOne Urgent Care—can speed up your recovery significantly.

Get Relief Fast

PhysicianOne Urgent Care's mission is to be there when you need immediate access to caring providers. You can visit our Shelton urgent care center today for efficient eye infection treatment, or if you prefer, schedule a 24/7 integrated virtual visit from the comfort of your home. For additional details about eye infection treatment and our comprehensive healthcare services, feel free to contact us.

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