Same-Day Bronchitis Treatment in Norwalk, CT

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For bronchitis treatment on a walk-in basis, families in Norwalk, Connecticut, can visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care—a New England-based network of immediate care centers and a proud affiliate of Yale New Haven Health. Our Norwalk location is open every day during extended hours and does not require appointments, although patients who prefer to plan ahead can quickly reserve an appointment on our website.

What are the Symptoms of Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a lower respiratory infection that’s most often caused by the same viruses associated with the cold and flu. The symptoms of this condition can vary from person to person, but usually involve:

  • A deep, persistent cough that may produce mucus
  • Chest soreness
  • Fatigue

Some people with bronchitis also develop a mild fever or chills. While many cases resolve on their own with plenty of rest and hydration, it’s important to seek medical treatment for bronchitis if your symptoms:

  • Persist for more than three weeks
  • Include wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Keep you awake at night
  • Include a cough that produces bloody or discolored mucus
  • Are accompanied by a fever higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit

Find Relief from Bronchitis Symptoms

If you’re dealing with a bout of bronchitis, allow the experienced clinicians at PhysicianOne Urgent Care to help you get back to feeling like yourself. Visit our fully equipped urgent care center in Norwalk today, or chat with us virtually via our telemedicine services. To find answers to any questions you may have, give us a call at 860-650-3848.

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