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If you’re feeling pain or irritation in your eye, you may have an eye infection. And, while eye infections like conjunctivitis (pink eye) and styes are common, that doesn’t make them any less annoying or inconvenient. Fortunately, the expert medical team at PhysicianOne Urgent Care can help you get relief fast through prompt eye infection treatment. All you have to do is walk into our Glastonbury, Connecticut, urgent care center! We provide quality care delivered with ease and speed for patients of all ages.

Eye Infection Causes

There are many potential causes of eye infections, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and foreign objects. Eye infections most commonly affect the eyelid, cornea (the clear dome-like structure that covers the iris and pupil), or conjunctiva (the transparent layer that covers the white part of the eyeball).

Common Eye Infection Symptoms

Thought there are numerous types of eye infections, many of them cause similar symptoms, such as:

  • Red or swollen eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Pain
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Watery or excessively teary eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Dryness
  • Blurred vision

Some types of eye infections that primarily affect the eyelid—such as styes, which are  bacterial infections of oil glands within the skin—may not cause symptoms on the eyeball itself, but will instead cause localized symptoms on the eyelid such as a painful pus-filled lump as well as redness and swelling of the eyelid.

With those exceptions, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a bacterial, viral, or fungal eye infection, as the symptoms can be so similar. One of PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s expert providers can diagnose your eye infection and provide appropriate treatment.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is one of the most common types of eye infections, and although it’s best to seek professional diagnosis for any kind of eye infection as mentioned above, you may be able to tell when a case of pink eye is developing. This type of eye infection can cause symptoms such as redness, itchiness, and a gritty feeling in the eyes, as well as a crust that develops overnight, making it difficult to open the eyes in the morning.

Eye Infection Treatment

Eye infection treatment varies based on the type of infection. For instance, only bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotic eye drops or oral medication, while antifungal drops or medication may be prescribed for fungal eye infections. In the case of allergic eye infections, antihistamines may be recommended. Many types of viral eye infections do not have treatments available, although your provider can recommend self-care techniques to alleviate symptoms, such as:

  • Using damp warm or cool compresses
  • Using artificial tear eye drops
  • Using over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Avoiding wearing contact lenses until the infection is resolved
  • Avoiding allergens that contribute to eye infections

When to Seek Medical Care for Eye Infections

Mild eye infections may resolve on their own within a few days. However, if you’re experiencing uncomfortable eye infection symptoms for longer than 12-24 hours, you should seek professional medical treatment. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Feeling like there’s something stuck in your eye

If you’ve sustained an eye injury, you should always seek medical care right away to ensure that your eye hasn’t been permanently damaged and to help prevent an infection from developing.

While allergic eye infections are not contagious or dangerous to your sight, you should avoid contact with others if you have a bacterial, viral, or fungal eye infection. These can be extremely contagious, often for as long as symptoms persist or, in the case of bacterial infections, until 24 hours after starting a course of antibiotics.

Visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care for Prompt Eye Infection Treatment

If you’re looking for quick eye infection treatment in Glastonbury, turn to PhysicianOne Urgent Care for the effective and convenient care you need. Our providers are friendly, professional, and deliver exceptional care with ease. We never require referrals and accept most major insurance plans. We also have affordable self-pay rates for those who are uninsured. Our locations are clean, comfortable, and have short wait times. We prioritize your convenience.

Our urgent care center is open 365 days per year with extended hours, and we also offer 24/7 integrated virtual care so you can speak to a qualified local provider anywhere, anytime. You can walk in to our urgent care center anytime during our operating hours or reserve your place in line ahead of time through our online booking tool. Don’t spend a bundle at the ER or wait days or weeks to see your primary care provider—visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care today for eye infection treatment when you need it.

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