PhysicianOne Urgent Care Maintains Status as Only UCAOA Certified Urgent Care Organization in Connecticut

Urgent Care Association of America Certification recognizes high-quality and safety standards within the urgent care industry

BROOKFIELD, CT, JUNE 15, 2017 — PhysicianOne Urgent Care, an Affiliate of Yale New Haven Health, was the first – and continues to be the only – urgent care organization in Connecticut to achieve Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) Certification in Connecticut. And, earlier this month, all 18 PhysicianOne Urgent Care centers across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Westchester, NY again achieved Certification status, after a survey by UCAOA.

UCAOA Certification is the only certification to recognize quality, safety, and scope of care in the urgent care industry. As a UCAOA Certification urgent care organization, PhysicianOne Urgent Care has met nationally-standardized criteria in the areas of patient care processes, physical environment, scope of care, patient privacy/right/responsibilities, health record management, quality improvement, governance, and human resources.

“Yale New Haven is proud to partner with PhysicianOne Urgent Care,” said Gayle Capozzalo, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Yale New Haven Health. “PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s Certification status is a testament to their commitment to quality, safety and operational excellence.”
“When we founded PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we did so with a goal of providing not only a convenient alternative to the emergency department when a primary care provider was unavailable for non-life threatening conditions, but a high-quality option,” said Dr. Jeannie Kenkare, PhysicianOne Urgent Care Chief Medical Officer and co-founder. “As we’ve expanded into Massachusetts and New York and have continued to innovate to provide access to care, we’ve also continued to pride ourselves on the high-quality care we provide. We’ve set – and continue to raise – the bar in the urgent care industry in Connecticut and beyond.”
“We are proud to maintain our status as the first and only UCAOA Certificated urgent care organization in Connecticut,” said Lynne Rosen, CEO of PhysicianOne Urgent Care. “As we’ve entered new markets in Massachusetts and New York, UCAOA Certification has helped consumers, local physician partners, and payers, alike, recognize PhysicianOne Urgent Care as a high-quality and trusted healthcare provider.”
UCAOA Certification is an urgent care ‘seal of approval’ for not only consumers, but the broader healthcare industry. “As payers try to limit networks and be more selective, we’ve started to see contracting requirements around UCAOA Certification,” said Andrea Tager, Director of Marketing, PhysicianOne Urgent Care. “Some payers now look to UCAOA Certification as a requirement to remain in their network. As the healthcare landscape continues to change and spend continues to increase, payer focus on UCAOA Certification speaks volumes. Payers have recognized that this set of stringent standards around quality, safety, and scope means access to high-quality care for a broad range of urgent conditions without a costly trip to the ER.”

About PhysicianOne Urgent Care

PhysicianOne Urgent Care provides quality, easily-accessible, walk-in medical care for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. All locations are open 365 days per year; 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekends and holidays. Experienced providers are on-site at all times. X-ray and lab services are available on-site. Insurance is accepted; self-pay options are also available.
Founded in 2008, PhysicianOne Urgent Care, the original Urgent Care of Connecticut, was the first in the market to be certified by the Urgent Care Association of America.

PhysicianOne Urgent Care is a cost-effective alternative to the Emergency Room as well as a convenient alternative to primary care physicians during off or peak hours.
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Andrea Tager
Director of Marketing
PhysicianOne Urgent Care

July 28, 2017
This was the fastest, easiest, and best doctor's visit. The provider was extremely kind and helpful. I explained my symptoms, the provider asked a few followup questions, and then she issued a script. I will absolutely be using this service again and would recommend to anyone.
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