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Urgent Care for the Stomach Flu in Connecticut, Massachusetts & New York

Are you worried that you might have a stomach bug? If you’re in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York, you can rely on PhysicianOne Urgent Care for stomach flu treatment. Our physician-founded practice has been treating patients of all ages since 2008, and our providers have all been trained in emergency, family, or internal medicine. We’ve earned a reputation for delivering quality care with ease and speed, and you can rest easy knowing that we’re in-network with most major health insurance plans and also offer affordable self-pay rates.

What Is the Stomach Flu?

The stomach flu (also known as “viral gastroenteritis”) occurs when a viral infection causes the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine to become inflamed. Various types of viruses can lead to the stomach flu, including noroviruses and rotavirus. You could contract one of these viruses if you come into contact with an infected individual, consume a contaminated food or beverage, or touch your mouth after touching a contaminated surface.

It’s important to note that the stomach flu is not the same thing as influenza (“the flu”). The stomach flu is an intestinal infection that affects the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine, while influenza is a respiratory infection that affects the nose, throat, and lungs.

Common Stomach Flu Symptoms

Viral gastroenteritis symptoms can range in severity and often include:

  • Stomach cramping and pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Watery diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Fever

How Long Does the Stomach Flu Last?

If you’re experiencing the symptoms described above, you’re probably wondering how long stomach viruses last. Stomach flu symptoms usually resolve within one to two days. However, in some cases, they may persist for up to two weeks.

What Does Stomach Flu Treatment Involve?

One of the most common complications of viral gastroenteritis is dehydration, so if you think you might have the stomach flu, you should drink plenty of fluids. In addition to water, you can try sports drinks, clear sodas, and clear broths (but be sure to avoid beverages containing alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or high amounts of sugar). Sipping on drinks—rather than gulping them—will help your body retain more water and may also prevent bloating and discomfort.

Other common viral gastroenteritis treatments include:

  • Avoiding solid foods for a few hours
  • Eating bland foods that are easy to digest (e.g., bananas, crackers, noodles, rice, and soup)
  • Taking anti-diarrheal medication
  • Resting

It’s important to note that because the stomach flu is caused by viruses—and not bacteria—it cannot be treated with antibiotics.

Where to Go for Stomach Flu Treatment

If you suspect that you have the stomach flu and the at-home remedies listed above aren’t providing sufficient relief, you’ll need to consult with a professional. Most cases of the stomach flu can be effectively treated by either a primary care physician (PCP) or urgent care provider, but in some instances, emergency care is necessary. You should call 911 or visit a nearby emergency room (ER) for stomach flu treatment if:

  • You’re experiencing symptoms of severe dehydration (e.g., dry mouth, extreme thirst, difficulty keeping fluids down, dark urine, and dizziness).
  • You have a persistent high fever or severe abdominal pain.
  • You’ve noticed blood in your vomit or stools.
  • You have a weakened immune system or an underlying medical condition.

You should also bring an infant or young child to the ER if they’re refusing to drink fluids or experiencing severe stomach flu symptoms such as a high fever or persistent vomiting.

Otherwise, you should be able to get the stomach flu treatment you need from your PCP or a local urgent care center. (Indeed, you’ll want to avoid visiting the ER unless it’s a true emergency since ERs often charge high rates and impose long wait times on patients with non-life-threatening conditions.) Keep in mind, however, that PCPs are often booked far in advance, meaning that you might need to wait days or even weeks to receive care. If you’re unable to schedule an appointment with your PCP or you need to be seen outside their regular business hours, it’s a smart idea to choose urgent care for stomach flu treatment.

24/7 Urgent Care for the Stomach Flu Near You

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we understand that stomach bugs can hit at any time of day or night. If you begin experiencing stomach flu symptoms outside of normal business hours, we’ve got you. Not only are our urgent care centers open 365 days per year with extended hours, but we also offer a 24/7 integrated telehealth service. We proudly serve patients in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York—click here to find the PhysicianOne Urgent Care location that’s closest to you.

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