Effective Tick Bite Treatment & Removal in Hamden, CT

Tick Bite & Removal Hamden CT

The most common type of tick found in Connecticut is the deer tick, which is most active during mild weather. While the primary host of these tiny parasitic hitchhikers is the white-tailed deer, other hosts include birds, mice, dogs, and cats. If you spend time in a tick-infested area—or near a tick-infested creature—a tick may jump ship and attach itself to you.

So, what if one day after you finish an invigorating outdoor workout, you come inside and notice that a tick has burrowed into your skin—what should you do?

Stay Calm & Remove the Tick

First of all, there’s no need to panic or head to an ER for tick bite treatment and removal. In the northeastern United States, any given tick has about a 10% chance of carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Furthermore, if a tick carrying the causative bacteria is removed within 24 hours, the risk of infection is very low.

If you are comfortable doing so, you can handle tick bite treatment and removal yourself. Simply grasp the tick with tweezers as close to your skin’s surface as possible. Then, pull upward using steady, even pressure. After removing the tick, dispose of it by submerging it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed container, or flushing it down a toilet. Then, clean the bite area and your hands using warm water and soap.

Be Vigilant for Symptoms

Usually, a tick bite is not a cause for concern and can be treated at home without issue. However, after you are bitten by a tick, you should be watchful for signs of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. For instance, if you develop symptoms such as headache, fever, vomiting, or a skin rash that resembles a target, you should seek professional medical attention right away.

If you need help removing a tick from your skin, or if you are experiencing symptoms of a tick-borne illness, come to PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Hamden as soon as possible. We’re available to provide a wide array of urgent care services—including tick bite treatment and removal—every day during extended hours.

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