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Find Effective Treatment for Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms in Norwich, CT

Woman experiencing seasonal allergies and blowing her nose in front of a pink flowering tree

For many people, the welcome signs of spring—budding trees, flowering plants, and green grass—bring on an unwelcome bout of seasonal allergies. Also known as hay fever, seasonal allergies occur when the body’s immune system overreacts to a harmless substance, such as pollen, after mistaking it for a harmful invader. The symptoms of an allergic reaction are similar to those of the common cold: sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes, and a scratchy throat.

With COVID-19 still at the forefront of everyone’s mind, non-life-threatening allergy symptoms might seem like small potatoes. But if you deal with allergies every spring, you know firsthand that the symptoms can make your life miserable.

If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer in Norwich, Connecticut, PhysicianOne Urgent Care has your back. Our team of experienced providers is ready to address all of your non-emergency healthcare needs. First, we will make sure that your allergies are just that—allergies—and not something more. Then, we will suggest a treatment plan to ease your symptoms and help you feel better.

Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

There isn’t a cure for seasonal allergies, but the symptoms can often be managed. Here are some potentially helpful allergy treatment strategies:

Avoid Your Triggers

Over the last year or so, social distancing guidelines probably kept you at home much of the time, and that’s a good place to be when you have allergies. Although it’s impossible to completely avoid allergy triggers like pollen in the springtime, you can minimize your exposure by staying indoors as much as possible. And when you do venture out for some fresh air, try to limit the amount of pollen you bring back in with you. Once inside, immediately remove and launder your clothing, then shower and wash your hair.

Clear Your Sinuses

Pollen is a sticky substance, and once you breathe it in, it can easily become trapped in your nasal passages. You can use a saline rinse to flush out the pollen as well as any built-up mucus. Squeeze bottles containing a premade solution are readily available over the counter. You might also try a neti pot, which is a small device specifically designed for nasal rinsing.

Use Medication

If needed, you can take an oral antihistamine as directed to ease your general allergy symptoms. Additionally, a nasal decongestant can promote mucus drainage and relieve stuffiness.

When seasonal allergy symptoms strike, PhysicianOne Urgent Care is the place to go in Norwich for fast and effective treatment. To find out more about our services, location, or hours, contact us today.

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