Effective Natural Cleaners That Actually Work to Kill Germs

May 9, 2018

Since many chemical cleaners come with their own risks, more and more people are turning to natural cleaners, which promise to kill the majority of germs. But, do they actually work? Here's what you should know.
A Safer Way to Kill Germs
To stay healthy throughout the year, it's important to use good hygiene when we are outside the house. At the same time, it's also important to keep our homes free of bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses and infections.
From staphylococcus and influenza to salmonella, E. coli and noroviruses, there are all sorts of germs that can linger on surfaces of a home. While many of these germs have difficulty surviving outside a host, others are resilient enough to remain active for days or even weeks on door knobs, remote controls, toys and countertops.
Many people use bleach-containing commercial products, which have the power to kills germs on contact. Unfortunately, bleach is also poisonous, and can severely damage the skin and eyes. In turn, more people are using green cleaners, which claim to kill the majority of germs. While they have found a considerable following, however, many of these cleaners haven't been proven to work as well as commercial disinfectants.
On the other hand, researchers have shown that undiluted or "neat" vinegar does have the ability to kill a range of household pathogens. A study out of England also determined that malt vinegar can rapidly inactivate the flu virus. A study out of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine also found that vinegar was able to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is a type of especially hearty bacteria that cause tuberculosis.
Keeping Germs Out of Your Home
While it's certainly a good idea to regularly disinfect surfaces inside your home, it's also smart to limit the amount of germs you bring through the door. This means taking your shoes off when you enter your home and washing your hands before touching surfaces.
When family members are sick, consider quarantining them to their rooms if possible. You can also reduce the spread of germs by visiting your nearest PhysicianOne Urgent Care to get convenient walk-in treatments for common contagious illnesses.
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