Effective Bad Breath Cures

May 10, 2015
Bad Breath | Physician One

Most everyone suffers from occasional bad breath; however, some people experience chronic halitosis that can leave them feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. If bad breath is affecting your professional or social life, the following remedies can help:
Brush and Floss
A primary cause of bad breath, plaque is a sticky buildup that harbors bacteria. If you're concerned about bad breath, be sure to brush and floss after every meal. By eliminating plaque on and between the teeth, you can significantly improve the smell of your breath.
Scrape your Tongue
The tongue can also harbor foul-smelling bacteria, which can significantly contribute to halitosis. Try using a tongue scraper to clear away bacteria, dead cells and food debris. If you have an especially sensitive gag reflex, try conditioning your response by gently massaging the rear of your tongue for a few seconds every day.
Avoid Troublesome Foods
Certain foods contain powerful substances that pass through the bloodstream and escape through the lungs. Among the worst defenders include onions and garlic. If you have an important social engagement coming up, be sure to avoid these foods, especially if you've experienced problems in the past.
Stop Smoking
Cigarettes promote bad breath in a number of different ways. More importantly, they seriously jeopardize your overall health. If you're interested in quitting, over-the-counter nicotine chewing gum and patches can help tame the urge. You can also visit your physician to learn about prescription medications and quit-smoking programs that can help you permanently give up tobacco.
When to See a Doctor
A number of health conditions can contribute to bad breath. These include gum disease, xerostomia, chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, postnasal drip, chronic acid reflux, diabetes and kidney or liver problems. If you have been unable to get rid of your bad breath or have noticed any other troubling symptoms, visit a health care professional for a thorough evaluation.

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