Benefits of Kite Flying

March 27, 2014

Kite flying is a great way to clear your mind, have fun, and has several health benefits.
1. Eye stimulation - With our constant use of mobile phones and computer screens, our eyes can get tired and unfocused. Focusing on a distant object against a soothing blue sky can reduce eye strain caused by ever present technology.
2. Neck/Shoulder Exercise - Sitting at a desk doesn’t promote good posture; flying a kite allows us to stretch our neck and shoulder muscles.
3. Stress Reliever - Flying a kite is relaxing. When watching a kite drift across an open, blue sky, one focuses on the moment, not on the daily stresses of life.
4. Connect to Nature - Being outdoors provides an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty present in the sky and in surrounding landscapes that is sometimes taken for granted.
5. Fresh Air - Filling your lungs with fresh air can revitalize and refresh.

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