7 Steps to Healthier Kidneys

March 5, 2015

March is National Kidney Month—but you should keep your kidney’s healthy every day of the year. Your kidneys might be two small organs, but they are vital to the functioning of your whole. Kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and toxins from your blood via urine and balancing fluids within your body. Making smarter choices in your everyday health will not only promote better kidney health, but an overall healthier life.
Here are some important tips to keep those vital organs in top shape.

  1. Visit your primary care physician for annual physicals. It is important to have urine and blood tests to make sure your kidneys are functioning properly.
  2. Have a regular exercise regimen. Exercise is great for your whole body.
  3. Stop unhealthy habits. Quit smoking and limit your consumption of alcohol.
  4. Eat healthy. Increase the amount of fruit, vegetables and fish you eat while decreasing the amount of salt and sugar in your diet.
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight. Your kidneys function at their best when you are at your best.
  6. Restrict NSAID and over the counter painkiller usage. Overuse of these medications can harm the kidneys, especially in those with underlying kidney diseases.
  7. Know your family’s medical history. This will help provide insight on your rick for any diseases.
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