Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Mohegan Lake, NY

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Mohegan Lake NY

A urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs when bacteria enter the bladder. In most cases, the culprit is E. coli, a type of bacteria that normally lives harmlessly in the bowels. Because the opening to the gastrointestinal tract (anus) is situated very close to the opening to the urinary tract (urethra), E. coli can easily make its way into the bladder. Once there, the bacteria can settle into the lining of the bladder, then multiply and produce toxins, which can create inflammation.

While a relatively mild UTI might go away on its own, most bacterial infections require antibiotic treatment. If you’re dealing with a troublesome urinary tract infection, you can receive prompt and individualized medical attention at PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Mohegan Lake, New York.

How Do I Know If I Have a UTI?

The symptoms of a urinary tract infection often include pain or pressure in the lower abdomen, especially in women. Some people also notice:

  • Burning during urination (dysuria)
  • Urinary frequency
  • Urinary urgency
  • Dark-colored or foul-smelling urine

It’s important to pay close attention to these symptoms and seek medical attention when necessary, even if the discomfort is tolerable. The reason? An infection from an untreated UTI can progress into the kidneys. A kidney infection is more serious than a bladder infection because it can lead to sepsis. A potentially life-threatening condition, sepsis occurs when the body’s immune system releases infection-fighting chemicals into the bloodstream and those chemicals trigger inflammation throughout the body.

Aren’t Sure? We Can Help

If you aren’t sure if you have a UTI, stop by PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Mohegan Lake, where you can receive a quick and convenient urine test on-site to check for signs of infection. If we diagnose you with a urinary tract infection, we can prescribe appropriate antibiotic treatment to help you feel better. There’s no need to delay and put your health at risk; our office is open every day during extended hours to treat a wide range of common illnesses and injuries.

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