Camp Physicals Available 365 Days Per Year in Mohegan Lake, NY

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Picture it—you signed your child up for summer camp months ago, but in the excitement of shopping for new clothing and supplies, you forgot one of the most important requirements: taking your child to get a physical. Now it’s Friday evening, your pediatrician is closed for the weekend, and you’re supposed to be dropping your child off at camp bright and early Monday morning. Is there anything you can do at this point?

If you’re in Mohegan Lake, New York, there is. PhysicianOne Urgent Care is pleased to offer walk-in camp physicals for local families. We’re open every day of the year with extended hours, so you can bring your child in whenever it’s most convenient for you, even if that’s at night or on a weekend or holiday. In addition to camp physicals, we also offer school and sports physical exams.

What to Expect During Kids’ Physicals

Whether your child needs a camp, school, or sports physical, you can generally expect the following to occur:

  • We’ll start out by asking you about your family’s medical history, as well as any issues that your child is currently experiencing or has experienced in the past.
  • We’ll review your child’s immunization record (in many cases we can administer any necessary vaccinations).
  • We’ll record your child’s height, weight, and vitals (including their temperature, blood pressure, and pulse).
  • We’ll perform a vision screening and check your child’s ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, and major joints.

In addition to the $80 flat fee that we charge for camp physicals, please be sure to bring along any paperwork that you’ve received from your child’s camp, as well as your child’s immunization record, your driver’s license, and your insurance card (if applicable).

Worried About Getting an Appointment?

There’s no need to be! That’s because PhysicianOne Urgent Care offers walk-in camp physicals without the need for an appointment. Simply stop into our Mohegan Lake immediate care center—we’re located at 3085 Main Street, in the Cortlandt Town Center—and we’ll make sure that your child has the medical clearance that he or she needs to attend camp. And if you’re in a rush, be sure to take advantage of our online check-in system, which allows you to reserve your spot in line ahead of time.

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