Telemedicine Services Offered in Stratford, CT

Young couple consulting with a medical provider via a laptop

The experienced medical team at PhysicianOne Urgent Care is available in Stratford, Connecticut, to help you stay on top of your health. In addition to daily, in-person availability during extended hours, we’re pleased to offer convenient telemedicine services.

During a Virtual Visit, you can see a PhysicianOne Urgent Care provider from afar via a secure videoconferencing platform. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a smartphone or a webcam-equipped computer. Although the concept of telemedicine has been around for years, it recently exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to minimize the spread of germs. When given the choice, many people understandably prefer a virtual waiting room to a physical waiting room.

Other Reasons to Choose Telemedicine

The main goal of telemedicine is to make it easier for you to consult with a qualified healthcare professional. For instance, a Virtual Visit may eliminate the need for you to go to an ER for a non-life-threatening health issue, or to rely on questionable medical advice you find through an internet search. When is a Virtual Visit appropriate? You might opt to take advantage of our telemedicine services if you have:

  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Heartburn or acid reflux
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • A headache or sinus pain
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
  • Seasonal allergy symptoms
  • An insect bite or sting
  • Mild asthma symptoms
  • A bladder infection
  • A urinary tract infection (UTI)

With that said, virtual-first healthcare is not the best option in every scenario. Some medical conditions, such as strep throat, require an in-person visit and lab test to ensure an accurate diagnosis. And in an emergency situation, such as a suspected heart attack or stroke, you should always call 911 or go directly to the nearest ER.

What About Insurance?

Many states, including Connecticut, have laws that allow for telemedicine coverage by private insurers, Medicaid, and state employee health plans. PhysicianOne Urgent Care accepts most major health insurance plans, and without insurance, the out-of-pocket cost of a Virtual Visit is approximately $50.

Our Commitment to You

The world is constantly changing. To help ensure that our patients in the Stratford community have convenient access to the best possible healthcare, the team at PhysicianOne Urgent Care is committed to quickly responding to these changes. If you’d like to take advantage of our telemedicine services, request a Virtual Visit today.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the attention you gave me last week. My son was started on antibiotics and ear drops. Within 24 hours he began to feel better. The poor kid had been going to school in tears because he was afraid of missing any more days, but feeling (and looking) just awful! He's not been able to even think about lacrosse practice, but thanks to starting him on antibiotics, he was thrilled to return to practice today.
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