Comprehensive STD Testing for Orange, CT, Residents

Doctor tests a patient for STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are very common, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimating more than 20 million new cases in the United States every year. So, if you are sexually active, it’s important to get tested for STDs right away if you experience symptoms, as well as periodically even if you aren’t symptomatic and you always practice safe sex. At PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Orange, Connecticut, we offer quick and accurate STD testing as well as treatment for many STDs.

Our STD Testing & Treatment Services

Our providers can test for a variety of common STDs, including:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Herpes
  • HIV
  • Syphilis

STD testing includes a physical exam (and a pelvic exam for female patients, if necessary), blood and/or urine sample analysis, and, in some cases, swab samples from the affected area. We have an on-site lab for quick results, and for STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea where treatment consists of antibiotics, we can prescribe those right away. Don’t feel nervous or embarrassed to receive STD testing—it's an important part of safe sex and our physicians provide these services in a discreet and professional manner.

Walk In for Prompt STD Testing Today

If you think you might have an STD or if you are due for a periodic test, walk into PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Orange or reserve your place in line ahead of time with our online booking system. We are open 365 days per year with extended hours for your convenience.

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