Feeling Under the Weather? Read on to Find Out if You Need a Flu Test

Flu Test Norwich CT

If you’re experiencing tell-tale signs of influenza – fever, chills, coughing, body aches, and extreme fatigue – do you need a flu test? Not necessarily. A doctor at PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Norwich, Connecticut, can likely diagnose the flu based on your symptoms alone, especially if you’ve taken ill during the height of flu season. However, if your doctor believes your discomfort could be related to another health issue, he or she may suggest a quick flu test to confirm that the influenza virus is indeed the culprit.

What Does a Flu Test Involve?

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, flu testing is quick, simple, and painless. A healthcare professional will gently rub a long cotton swab along the back of your throat or inside your nose. He or she will then seal the swab in a packet and forward it to our on-site lab, where it will be immediately tested for evidence of the influenza A or B virus. We’re proud to offer our patients the convenience of urgent care lab services, and we can usually have the result of an on-site flu test ready within approximately 15 minutes.

Why Is Flu Testing Important?

The flu is a viral infection that does not respond to antibiotic treatment. On the other hand, antibiotics may be necessary to address a bacterial infection such as strep throat, which can produce symptoms that mimic those of the flu. Therefore, whether or not you have influenza, an early and accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure proper and effective treatment.
If your doctor diagnoses you with the flu – based on either your symptoms or the result of a flu test – he or she can prescribe an antiviral drug right away. If you begin taking this medication within 48 hours after your symptoms first appeared, it can ease your discomfort and shorten the duration of your illness.

Come to PhysicianOne Urgent Care Today

If you have flu symptoms, feel free to stop by PhysicianOne Urgent Care for a diagnosis, which may include a flu test, and appropriate treatment. Our office in Norwich is open every day during extended hours. Be sure to come sooner rather than later! We’ll have you feeling better fast.

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