Sore Throat Treatment for Patients in Newtown, CT

Sore Throat Treatment Newtown CT

If you need treatment for a sore throat, you can turn to PhysicianOne Urgent Care. We’re proud to be affiliated with the Yale New Haven Health System and to be the only urgent care center in Newtown, Connecticut, that’s accredited and certified by the Urgent Care Association. We offer a wide array of treatment services to patients on a walk-in basis, including sore throat treatment.

How We Treat Sore Throats

Because sore throat treatment methods will vary depending on what’s causing the pain, it’s important that we learn what’s at the root of a patient’s symptoms. For instance, because strep throat is a bacterial infection, strep throat treatment typically involves taking antibiotics. On the other hand, throat pain caused by something else—such as a viral infection, allergies, dry air, or an irritant—might be relieved by throat infection remedies like gargling with salt water, sucking on a lozenge, or sipping hot water with lemon. After asking you about your symptoms and performing an examination, we’ll be able to recommend sore throat remedies that are customized to your specific needs.

Sore Throat Treatment on a Walk-In Basis

When you have a sore throat, you don’t need to worry about making an appointment with your primary care provider as you may have to wait days or even weeks to be seen. Instead, rely on PhysicianOne Urgent Care, where you can get sore throat treatment without an appointment. Our Newtown urgent care center is located at 266 South Main Street—you’ll find us in Plaza South, off Route 25. We’re open every day of the year with extended hours, and we offer an online check-in option for patients who would like to reserve their spot in line ahead of time.

This was the fastest, easiest, and best doctor's visit. The provider was extremely kind and helpful. I explained my symptoms, the provider asked a few followup questions, and then she issued a script. I will absolutely be using this service again and would recommend to anyone.
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