Fast Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Groton, CT

You don’t need to look far if you need fast urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment in the Groton, Connecticut, area. Simply turn to PhysicianOne Urgent Care. We are a full-service urgent care center that is open seven days per week with extended evening hours. Appointments are never required, and you can even check in online and wait in the comfort of your home until it’s time to come in. Our facility is staffed with highly experienced providers, and we also have an on-site lab that can promptly analyze all kinds of diagnostic tests, including urinalyses, which is used to diagnose UTIs.

When to Go to Urgent Care for a UTI

If you’re experiencing mild UTI symptoms, you may wonder if the infection will clear up on its own. However, it’s important to visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care at the first sign of symptoms to receive the antibiotics your body may need. While a UTI isn’t a serious condition, it can quickly become so if you wait too long and the infection spreads to your kidneys.

Come to our urgent care center for prompt UTI treatment if you’re experiencing:

  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • A persistent need to urinate
  • Urinating in small amounts frequently
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Red, bright pink, or cola-colored urine
  • Pelvic pain

The practitioner you see will learn about your symptoms and then collect a urine sample to determine if you have a UTI. If so, he or she will prescribe a round of antibiotics and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. It will be important to take all of the antibiotics you’ve been prescribed, even if you start feeling better before finishing the regimen.

PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Groton is here for you if you need prompt urinary tract infection treatment from caring providers. We’ll take care of you and get you on the road to wellness. Check in online to expedite your visit!

Son kissing mother
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the attention you gave me last week. My son was started on antibiotics and ear drops. Within 24 hours he began to feel better. The poor kid had been going to school in tears because he was afraid of missing any more days, but feeling (and looking) just awful! He's not been able to even think about lacrosse practice, but thanks to starting him on antibiotics, he was thrilled to return to practice today.
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