Fever Symptoms Promptly Evaluated in Groton, CT

A fever is a rise in normal body temperature, typically above 100.4°F. When a fever occurs, this often means that your immune system has been activated to fight an infection, as it’s harder for viruses and bacteria to live in a high-temperature environment. For most people experiencing fever symptoms, at-home remedies are all that’s needed to find relief. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can ease discomfort, and drinking lots of liquids can replenish the body. However, if your fever is accompanied by other symptoms—such as a rash, sensitivity to bright light, abdominal pain, a stiff neck, or vomiting—or if your fever is very high (at least 103°F), you should seek medical attention.

Fever Treatment at PhysicianOne Urgent Care

PhysicianOne Urgent Care offers prompt fever treatment seven days per week at our facility in Groton, Connecticut. You can stop by at a time that is most convenient for you, and our compassionate medical providers will offer the individualized treatment you deserve. We will evaluate your symptoms to determine if any lab testing is needed to rule out a specific illness or infection. If a test is recommended, we can perform it in-house and, in most cases, have the results ready quickly. Then, we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at helping you feel better fast.

COVID-19 Testing

Worried that your fever may be due to COVID-19? You can discuss your symptoms with a PhysicianOne Urgent Care provider during a Virtual Visit, which takes place over a secure videoconferencing platform. All you need is a video-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer. The provider you see will learn more about your fever symptoms and, if deemed appropriate, will register you for a COVID-19 test. We offer these tests on a drive-up basis for your convenience.

To learn more about treatment for fever symptoms and our COVID-19 protocols, contact PhysicianOne Urgent Care today at (860) 446-6137. Or, come right in to our urgent care center in Groton for prompt treatment.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the attention you gave me last week. My son was started on antibiotics and ear drops. Within 24 hours he began to feel better. The poor kid had been going to school in tears because he was afraid of missing any more days, but feeling (and looking) just awful! He's not been able to even think about lacrosse practice, but thanks to starting him on antibiotics, he was thrilled to return to practice today.
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