The Groton, CT, Provider to Choose for Treatment of Ear Infection Symptoms

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When you’re experiencing the signs of an ear infection, where can you turn for prompt treatment? If you’re in Groton, Connecticut, the answer is clear: PhysicianOne Urgent Care. We’re a trusted immediate care provider offering walk-in treatment for ear infection symptoms and a variety of other non-life-threatening conditions.

Common Ear Infection Symptoms

There are numerous kinds of ear infections, and symptoms will vary depending on the specific type of infection present. The most common type is a middle ear infection (acute otitis media), which develops when bacteria or a virus infects the space behind the eardrum. When this happens, it can cause:

  • Ear pain that worsens when lying down
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Fluid drainage from the affected ear

Children may also experience a fever, headaches, decreased appetite, and trouble balancing.

Although ear infections often resolve on their own, you should seek treatment for symptoms that last longer than a day or include severe ear pain or drainage of blood, pus, or another fluid (children under six months old should also always receive professional care for ear infection symptoms, regardless of their severity or duration). Treatment will vary but often includes a prescription for antibiotics, pain medication, or anesthetic ear drops.

Visit Us Today

Do you need prompt care for ear infection symptoms? It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the workday, nighttime, or a weekend or holiday—you can get the treatment you need at PhysicianOne Urgent Care. Our Groton immediate care center—located at 220 Route 12, near I-95—accepts walk-in patients 365 days per year during extended hours. We also offer advance bookings, online check-ins, and a 24/7 telehealth service. Stop in today, or call us at 860-650-3848 if you have any questions.

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