Providing Sore Throat Treatment to Patients of All Ages in Glastonbury, CT

The dreaded sore throat. It’s something that everyone experiences at some point in their life, and nobody looks forward to. Oftentimes, it’s a precursor to a head cold and will go away on its own after a few days. Sometimes, though, a sore throat could be an indication of strep throat, which is a bacterial infection that may require antibiotics. If your sore throat feels especially severe or if it’s accompanied by a fever, swollen tonsils, or red spots on the roof of your mouth, come to PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Glastonbury, Connecticut, for sore throat treatment. We’re open seven days per week with extended evening hours for your convenience.

Treating Strep Throat

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, all of our patients are seen by experienced medical providers who practice individualized, compassionate care. The practitioner you see will learn about the symptoms you’re experiencing and how long you’ve been feeling under the weather. A rapid strep test may then be ordered, which we can perform right in our urgent care center quickly and easily. The practitioner will swab the back of your throat to collect a sample and send the swab to our on-site diagnostic lab. Within 15 minutes, the results of your strep test should be ready and from there, the practitioner will develop a comprehensive treatment plan, which may include antibiotics.

COVID-19 & Sore Throats

If you’re worried that your sore throat could be a symptom of COVID-19, you can count on PhysicianOne Urgent Care to provide you with the testing you need. To lessen your exposure, we’ll first evaluate your symptoms during a Virtual Visit, which will take place over a secure videoconferencing platform. Then, if appropriate, we’ll register you for a curbside COVID-19 test that can be done at your convenience. We offer these tests seven days per week.

Sore throat treatment can be found at PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Glastonbury. Simply stop by today or expedite your visit by checking in online.

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