Sinus Infection Treatment in Glastonbury, CT

Sinus Infection Treatment Glastonbury CT

Do you have a persistent runny nose, nasal congestion, or a sensation of dull pressure below your eyes? You could have a sinus infection, which occurs when your nasal passages fill with fluid and become inflamed and infected, usually due to allergies or the common cold.

In many cases, a sinus infection will resolve on its own, but if your symptoms are very severe, last for more than 10 days, or seem to improve but then suddenly worsen, you should seek professional medical attention right away. You can receive prompt and effective treatment for a sinus infection at PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Why Do You Need to See a Doctor?

A sinus infection can be caused by a virus or bacteria, and only a doctor can identify the underlying cause. This is important because viruses and bacteria are treated differently. For instance, if you are diagnosed with a bacterial infection, your provider at PhysicianOne Urgent Care may recommend that you take an antibiotic to clear up the infection and prevent further complications.

On the other hand, an antibiotic won’t help a viral infection; in fact, taking an antibiotic unnecessarily can actually do more harm than good. You risk possible side effects, such as a skin rash, and also increase your chance of developing antibiotic resistance, which can make future infections more difficult to treat. That’s why it’s essential to see a doctor who can recommend an appropriate treatment strategy for your sinus infection.

Home Treatment for a Sinus Infection

Whether your sinus infection is caused by a virus or bacteria, there are steps you can take to help relieve your sinus pain and pressure. These include:

  • Drinking plenty of water to stay well-hydrated
  • Placing a warm compress over your nose and forehead
  • Using a saline nasal spray to irrigate your sinuses
  • Breathing in the steam from a bowl of hot water or shower

We may also suggest over-the-counter medication to help you feel better.

If you need sinus infection treatment, come to PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Glastonbury without delay. The experienced medical team at our urgent care center is available 365 days per year to treat many common illnesses, and we don’t require appointments—just walk right in! We’ll have you breathing easier in no time.

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