Annual Flu Shots Are Important for Protecting Your Health – Get Yours in Derby, CT

Flu Shots Derby CT

Flu shots are available at PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Derby, Connecticut. But, if you received an influenza vaccine last year, do you really need to get another one? Yes, you do. As a general guideline, you can expect a flu shot to help protect you from the most common influenza viruses for approximately one year. This means that you need to receive a flu vaccine each year to ensure optimal protection.

Why Do Experts Recommend an Annual Flu Shot?

The “one-year” guideline for flu shots is just that – a guideline. The amount of time you will actually be protected from the flu after your shot can vary depending on many factors, including the extent of your body’s immune system response to the inactive influenza virus contained in the vaccine. For instance, the immune system of a relatively young and healthy person could produce a strong response that provides a protective benefit that lasts well beyond a year. In comparison, the immune system of an older adult could produce a much weaker response, resulting in a shorter duration of protection.
There is another important reason behind the recommendation for yearly flu shots. Influenza viruses are able to mutate at a very rapid pace; in order to keep up and ensure adequate protection, the vaccine must be regularly reformulated. Every year, a new flu shot formula is made available to target the currently circulating strains of the virus.

Get Your Annual Flu Shot Today

While the protective effects of flu shots can vary, your best bet is to receive an influenza vaccine each year around late September. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, the team at PhysicianOne Urgent Care can take care of that for you. Stop by our office in Derby and get vaccinated today – you don’t need to schedule an appointment.

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