Bronchitis Treatment From a Caring Team in Derby, CT

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Bronchitis occurs when the bronchial tubes (which carry air to and from the lungs) become inflamed, as a result of a viral infection. This inflammation causes the tubes to produce excess mucus, leading to coughing, chest discomfort, congestion, sneezing, and other cold symptoms. If you’re feeling under the weather and are concerned you have bronchitis, visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Derby, Connecticut. Our facility is staffed with experienced, friendly practitioners who will provide the compassionate treatment you need.

How Is Bronchitis Treated?

For most patients, bronchitis can be effectively treated at home. Over-the-counter medication to manage your cough, reduce your fever, break up mucus in your chest, and relieve your headache or body aches can help. Getting rest and drinking lots of fluid are also recommended.

If your bronchitis symptoms feel especially severe or aren’t improving after 10 days, then you may want to seek medical treatment. At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we offer both in-person and virtual options. If you’re not feeling up to a visit to our facility, you can schedule a telemedicine appointment, which we provide seven days per week. You’ll connect with one of our clinicians over a secure videoconferencing platform, and he or she will provide the treatment you need.

Some patients may need to come to our urgent care center for evaluation, such as if you need diagnostic testing. Your practitioner may recommend getting a sputum test to rule out a bacterial infection or a COVID-19 test to rule out COVID-19. If so, those are diagnostics we can take care of in our facility.

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If you need prompt bronchitis treatment, PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Derby is here for you. Simply stop by our facility for in-person treatment or book a Virtual Visit. We’ve got you.

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