Providing Urinary Tract Infection Treatment at Our Brookfield, CT, Urgent Care Center

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Brookfield CT

Brookfield, Connecticut, residents and visitors can turn to PhysicianOne Urgent Care for walk-in urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment. UTIs can affect the entire urinary system—including the urethra, ureters, bladder, and kidneys—and can produce unpleasant symptoms such as a persistent urge to urinate, a burning or itching sensation while urinating, and cloudy, discolored, or foul-smelling urine. Many people also experience back pain, fatigue, and an overall feeling of being ill.

How Are UTIs Treated?

If you’re concerned that you might have a UTI, it’s important to seek care from a medical professional rather than attempting to treat it yourself. In many instances, UTI treatment involves taking antibiotics or another type of prescription medication. Although responses vary, many patients find that the worst of their symptoms are relieved within 24 to 48 hours.

It’s also important to promptly treat UTIs, since an untreated UTI can spread to the kidneys and cause long-term complications such as recurrent infections, urethral narrowing, permanent kidney damage, and sepsis, as well as premature birth in pregnant women.

UTI Treatment When You Need It Most

If you’re in the Brookfield area, you can get the treatment you need at PhysicianOne Urgent Care. We offer urinary tract infection treatment on a walk-in basis at our nearby office, which is located in the Brookfield Medical Center at 31 Old Route 7. Once you pull into the parking lot off of Federal Road, you’ll find our entrance on the ground floor. Stop in whenever it’s convenient for you—we’re open 365 days per year with extended hours—and be sure to take advantage of our online check-in option for even faster service.

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I had to take my son in for an ear infection following a sudden change in temperament at daycare. He was inconsolable the entire car ride but when we got there and by the time we left this care facility he was back to his normal happy go lucky little two year old boy. I highly recommend PhysicianOne Urgent Care.
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