Why Prompt Flu Treatment is Often More Important than a Flu Test

Flu Test Brookfield, CT

If you are feeling under the weather and think that you might have the flu, you can visit PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Brookfield, Connecticut, to be diagnosed and receive prompt treatment. Receiving flu treatment within 48 hours of the arrival of symptoms is key because anti-viral medications are most effective within this timeframe.
Many of our patients are surprised to learn that a flu test is not always necessary to diagnose the flu. In the event a flu test is needed, we are able to administer flu tests seven days a week, and the results can be ready in as little as 15 minutes. One of our medical providers will be able to read the results right away, and if you are determined to have the flu, they will recommend the appropriate course of action to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Common Flu Symptoms

There are a number of common symptoms that are associated with the flu, including:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Congestion

As soon as you experience these symptoms, please visit our urgent care within 48 hours. Our medical team will evaluate your condition and let you know the best course of treatment for your case.

Flu Treatment

If our medical professionals determine that you have the flu, they will develop a treatment plan aimed at getting you to feel better as quickly as possible. This may include an antiviral drug regimen that can help to lessen the severity of the symptoms, or it could be as simple as recommending over-the-counter pain relievers, rest, and staying properly hydrated.

Here When You Need Us

We are open 365 days per year with extended hours to make seeking treatment as easy as possible. What’s more, we don’t require appointments, so you can walk into our Brookfield location at a time that’s right for you to receive a quick flu diagnosis and treatment.

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Throughout the visit I felt like the staff really cared. The doctor took his time talking with me about my symptoms, and I felt like he listened to all my concerns and took that into consideration when recommending the right treatment. Thank you!
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