Flu Shots Available on a Walk-in Basis in Brookfield, CT

Flu Shots Brookfield CT

Many people begin to think about flu shots when the kids go back to school and the annual influenza vaccine becomes available. PhysicianOne Urgent Care offers flu shots on a walk-in basis at all of our locations, including Brookfield, Connecticut. So, is it a good time to get one? Absolutely.
After being exposed to an inactive influenza virus in a vaccine, your body will need about two weeks to develop a protective response. It’s important to get this process started well before flu season begins in earnest. Most years, flu season begins in late October, peaks in February, and ends in early May. So, late September is generally an ideal time for flu shots.
Some studies suggest that the protective effects of flu shots may begin to gradually decline after about four to six months, especially in older adults (the duration of the protection provided by the high-dose influenza vaccine designed for people aged 65 and older is still unclear). Nevertheless, your annual flu shot should protect you from the most common influenza viruses for approximately one year. Therefore, if you receive a flu shot in September, you should be well protected through the peak of flu season and a bit beyond.

The “Best” Time for a Flu Shot Is Any Time

With all of that said, the “best” time to get a flu vaccine is really any time that you can. You’re busy, with multiple tasks competing for your attention on any given day. If you wait for the “right” time to get vaccinated, that time may never come. If you become distracted and forget about getting a flu shot, you will miss out on the many health benefits a yearly influenza vaccine can provide.
With PhysicianOne Urgent Care, there’s no need to wonder about the optimal time for flu shots. You are welcome to stop by our office in Brookfield whenever it’s most convenient for you – you don’t need an appointment to get your annual influenza vaccine. Why not take advantage of this simple, safe, and effective way to protect your health right now, while you’re thinking about it?

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