Exceptional Minor Burn Treatment for Patients in Bristol, CT

Picture of a woman with gauze over a minor burn on her right hand.

For minor burn treatment in Bristol, Connecticut, choose PhysicianOne Urgent Care. Our experienced providers treat first- and second-degree burns every day of the year during extended hours.

What Type of Burn Do You Have?

A burn will be classified as one of the following four types based on its severity:

  • First-degree burns – This is the least serious type of burn, affecting only the top layer of your skin (epidermis). Your skin will likely be red and painful.
  • Second-degree burns – This type of burn extends to the next layer of skin (dermis), producing redness, pain, swelling, and blistering.
  • Third-degree burns – These burns affect the deepest layer of skin (hypodermis), which contains fat and connective tissues. Your skin may appear deep red, brown, white, black, charred, or leathery, and you could experience either pain or numbness.
  • Fourth-degree burns – This is the most serious type of burn, extending down to the muscles and/or bones. If nerve endings are damaged or destroyed, you might not have any feeling in that area.

How Is Each Type of Burn Treated?

First- and second-degree burns can often be treated at home by running cool water over the burn, keeping the area clean, monitoring it for signs of infection, and taking pain medication. If you have a sunburn, you should apply aloe vera gel; if you have a thermal burn (one caused by a hot surface or liquid, steam, or fire), you should apply an antibiotic cream and lightly cover the area with gauze. Be sure not to apply ice to the wound or break any resulting blisters.

Even if you believe you have only a first- or second-degree burn, you should reach out to a professional if the burn:

  • Is at least 3 inches wide
  • Causes severe pain or signs of an infection (for example, fever or discharge)
  • Hasn’t improved after 48 hours
  • Is located on your face, hands, genitalia, buttocks, feet, or over a major joint

Third- and fourth-degree burns always require a trip to the emergency room because they can be life-threatening.

Get the Prompt Burn Care You Need

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we proudly offer minor burn treatment on a walk-in basis. Stop into our Bristol immediate care center today (which you’ll find at 576 Farmington Avenue), book a 24/7 telemedicine appointment, or call us at 860-650-3848 with any questions.

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