Treatments and Remedies for Summer Colds


summer coldColds are no fun, especially in summer when the living is supposed to be easy. Most people develop colds in the chilly winter, which probably accounts for the common name for this all-too-common ailment. But colds do not respect the seasons.

A cold is not a single illness. Rather, it is a general term for an upper respiratory tract infection caused by any one of literally hundreds of viruses. Unfortunately, the common cold is here to stay. The sheer number of viruses capable of causing a cold means we will probably never have a practical vaccine capable of preventing the common cold — not even summer colds. At present, all we can do is deal with the symptoms and support the immune system.

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we have plenty of experience serving the needs of patients with summer colds. Here are some suggestions for coping with a summer cold:


Any infection puts stress on your body, and that means getting adequate rest is crucial for recovery. Avoid strenuous activity, and spend time indoors.


Summer heat and outdoor activities that make you sweat can lead to dehydration if you do not drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated during a summer cold is especially important.

Eat Right

Homemade chicken soup can help ease the symptoms of the common cold. It may also be helpful to eat plenty of fresh, seasonal fruit. Evidence suggests increasing your intake of vitamin C, found in many fruits, can boost immune system function.

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels Naturally

Speaking of boosting immune system function, vitamin D is generated in the body in response to summer sun striking bare skin. Vitamin D functions as an important immune system regulator. Boosting your levels may help you combat a summer cold, although evidence is limited.

Treat Your Symptoms

Research suggests a combined antihistamine/decongestant medication may help with some of the symptoms associated with a summer cold. Taking a mild anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, may also provide relief.

Seek Help from the Professionals at PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Despite our best efforts, even the healthiest among us get sick. Whether it’s a summer cold, or the flu in winter, PhysicianOne Urgent Care is here seven days a week for high-quality urgent care, at a fraction of the cost of the Emergency Room. Contact us at 1.855.349.2828, or stop in today for a convenient, walk-in visit. If you’re looking to save time, find a location near you and check in online today!

Dr. Jeannie Kenkare

Written by Dr. Jeannie Kenkare

Dr. Kenkare is a highly experienced clinician with a background in family medicine. As a founding member of PhysicianOne Urgent Care's parent company Happy Mountains, she is also our Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Kenkare provides guidance and leadership to our health care team, and is responsible for the review of clinical guidelines, decision tools, and outcomes to develop and implement strategies that will improve patient care and clinical quality.