Your Source for a Quick Camp Physical in Stratford, CT

Young girl in canoe paddling on a scenic lake

At PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Stratford, Connecticut, you can receive a camp physical any day of the week! That’s right: Even if it’s the weekend before camp starts and you need the physical completed as soon as possible, you can turn to us for prompt service. One of our experienced medical providers will conduct the physical exam so that your child (or children) can start camp without delay.

The Reason for Camp Physicals

A camp physical is an examination by a medical professional that screens for underlying health conditions and ensures that a child is healthy enough to participate in camp activities, such as hiking, swimming, and canoeing. It also documents recent injuries or illnesses so that camp leaders understand which campers may have certain limitations. (For example, a camper who is healing from a sprained ankle may have to sit out on a hike.)

During a camp physical, a medical professional will:

  • Review the child’s medical and family history
  • Take vitals, such as temperature, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Record the child’s height and weight
  • Complete a vision screening
  • Examine the child’s heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, throat, and major joints

Stop by Today

You don’t need to schedule an appointment for a camp physical. Just stop by PhysicianOne Urgent Care in Stratford any day of the week, and we’ll take care of you! Please bring the camp physical form, your driver’s license or another type of identification, and your insurance card (if applicable). The flat rate for our camp physicals is $80.

This was the fastest, easiest, and best doctor's visit. The provider was extremely kind and helpful. I explained my symptoms, the provider asked a few followup questions, and then she issued a script. I will absolutely be using this service again and would recommend to anyone.
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