What Is Diagnosed by X-ray at PhysicianOne Urgent Care?


At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, X-ray technology is an important diagnostic tool that allows our medical experts to make timely, accurate diagnoses. While most people associate X-rays with broken bones, they can do a lot more than that. Here is how we use X-ray technology to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments.

The Power of X-rays

While they can provide clear evidence of fractured and broken bones, X-rays also offer accurate insight into a number of health complications, including:

Pneumonia, congestion or fluid in the lungs: An X-ray can reveal fluid in the chest cavity or a collapsed lung.
• Joint dislocations: X-rays can be used to confirm a joint dislocation and may reveal broken bones or other damage to the joint.
• Foreign objects: Digital imaging can unveil undetected foreign objects that may have entered a wound during an accident.
• Kidney stones: An abdominal X-ray can reveal the presence of kidney stones.

X-rays can also be used to detect bowel obstructions and other various stomach issues. What’s more, X-ray technology can be used to rule out some of the most common causes of certain ailments, so our medical professionals can better determine the severity and cause of a patient’s symptoms.

Timely Care that Fits Your Schedule

When you have an injury or illness, it’s not always practical to sit for hours at an emergency room or wait for an opening at your doctor’s office. At PhysicianOne Urgent Care, we have digital X-ray services for adults and children, so we can provide full-service walk-in care, right when you need it.

A board certified radiologist reviews each X-ray, so you know you will get an accurate diagnosis. Our medical professionals can diagnose orthopedic injuries and also help refer you to an orthopedic specialist, should you need one.

Don’t pay exorbitant emergency fees or wait in pain for days to see your family doctor, when you can get quick, accurate medical care at one of our full-service walk-in urgent care centers. Contact us at 1.855.349.2828 or visit the PhysicianOne Urgent Care nearest you.

Dr. Jeannie Kenkare

Written by Dr. Jeannie Kenkare

Dr. Kenkare is a highly experienced clinician with a background in family medicine. As a founding member of PhysicianOne Urgent Care's parent company Happy Mountains, she is also our Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Kenkare provides guidance and leadership to our health care team, and is responsible for the review of clinical guidelines, decision tools, and outcomes to develop and implement strategies that will improve patient care and clinical quality.

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