Sunburn Relief Tips

Too much fun in the sun can lead to over exposure and the inevitable sunburn. It’s best to apply sunscreen before spending time outside and to re-apply regularly to prevent the pain and damage to the skin sunburn causes. If you do develop a sunburn, here are some easy remedies to help the healing process.
 Sunburn Relief Tips:

  1. Use cold compresses – Skin that’s sunburned is inflamed. Cool it down by applying cold compresses. Replace compresses every few minutes as they gradually warm. 
  1. Apply Aloe Vera – This thick, gel-like juice from the Aloe Vera plant can take the sting and redness out of a sunburn by causing blood vessels to constrict. For maximum relief, apply several times a day.
  2. Drink lots of water – Dehydration often accompanies sunburn. Be sure to replenish lost fluids by drinking a significant amount of water. Staying hydrated promotes faster healing of burns.
  1. Take a cool bath – Cool off and ease the sting of sunburn by taking a dip in a chilly pool/bath or by taking a cold shower. Avoid using soap, as it may irritate or dry out your skin further. If you need wash with soap, choose a mild one and be sure to thoroughly rinse it off.
  1. Moisturize – Since sunburns cause moisture loss in affected skin, apply moisturizer immediately after you shower. For additional relief, chill your moisturizer in the refrigerator before use.
  1. Try a potato pat down – Plain potatoes are a natural pain reliever. Cut up two washed potatoes, place the pieces in a blender and blend until liquefied. Add water if the mixture appears dry. Apply the mixture to clean gauze and place over your sunburn. Replace the dressing with a fresh one every hour.
  1. Take over the counter pain relievers – Non-prescription pain relievers such as ibuprofen can help with the inflammation and pain associated with sunburn. Consult with your primary care provider to decide which specific product is best for you. Individuals with a history of kidney or stomach problems or those taking blood thinning medications should not take ibuprofen or other over the counter anti-inflammatories.

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