Binge Eating Disorder

binge eatingUnderstanding Binge Eating Disorder
Most of us have had times when we ate a little too much either during the holidays or on a special occasion. For some people, however, overeating is a serious problem that stems from psychological issues that cause sadness and pain.
Dubbed Binge Eating Disorder, this troubling problem is unlike bulimia, since sufferers rarely purge or exercise vigorously following an episode. Like other eating disorders, it can be especially harmful to both a person’s psyche and physical well-being.
Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms
Experts aren’t sure why certain people develop binge eating disorder, but they do know it’s more common in women than men. In the United States, about 3.5 percent of women and 2 percent of men suffer from this disorder. While obese people are more at risk, even people of normal weight are susceptible. The condition also seems to go hand-in-hand with depression and tends to flare up when people have difficulty handling their emotions.

  • If you suspect you or a loved one might be suffering from binge eating disorder, look for the following telltale signs
  • Eating more food than others in the same situation
  • Having difficulty controlling how much you eat
  • Feeling sad, guilty or depressed after eating large quantities
  • Eating much faster than normally
  • Eating until you’re uncomfortably fullc
  • Eating when you’re not hungry
  • Eating in private to hide how much you’re consuming

Getting Help
Most often, willpower isn’t enough to overcome binge eating disorder. Patients usually require treatment from a psychiatrist or psychologist, who may use cognitive behavior therapy to get to the root of the problem. Once you determine exactly what prompts your binges, you can take positive steps to alter your life and escape this cycle of overeating.
To get help, visit your doctor and ask if he or she can suggest a therapist and/or support groups in your area. Your doctor may also wish to prescribe antidepressants to improve your mood and curb your eating impulses.

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