Best Diets for 2016

April 27, 2016
Best 2016 Diets

According to the CDC, more than 78 million Americans are obese, while countless more struggle to maintain a healthy physique. If you have had problems with an expanding waistline, learn the best diets and how to incorporate them into your busy life.
Ranking Modern Diets
Recently, U.S. News & World Report released its annual list ranking the year's top diets. Overall, the publication's panel of nutritionists and physicians rated 38 diet plans according to specific categories, including heart disease and diabetes prevention/control, as well as likelihood of weight loss and easiness to follow. Based on their findings, the following diets reigned supreme:

  1. Best Diets Overall: DASH Diet, followed by the MIND and TLC Diets
  2. Best for Weight Loss: Weight Watchers, followed by HMR Program and the Biggest Loser Diet
  3. Best Commercial Diets: Mayo Clinic Diet, followed by Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig
  4. Best for Rapid Weight Loss: Biggest Loser Diet, followed by HMR Program and Atkins
  5. Best for Healthy Eating: DASH Diet, followed by TLC Diet and Mediterranean Diet
  6. Easiest To Follow: Fertility Diet, followed by the MIND Diet and Weight Watchers
  7. Best for Heart Health: Ornish Diet, followed by TLC Diet and DASH Diet
  8. Best for Diabetes: Fertility Diet, followed by the Biggest Loser and DASH Diets
  9. Best Plant-Based: Mediterranean Diet, followed by Flexitarian and Ornish Diets

Choosing the Right Plan for You
A quick Google search will provide all the details of each diet plan; however, busy schedules and financial limitations may make some of these diets impractical for certain people. If you would like to improve your eating habits and reduce your risk of disease, try eating a low-meat diet centered on high-fiber fruits and vegetables, beans, nutritious whole grains and fish.
Making it Work for You
Countless studies have shown that what we eat influences our health and lifespans. At the same time, practicality plays a huge role in determining a diet's success. No diet will work if you are unable to stick with it. When choosing a specific plan, be sure it matches up well with your lifestyle. You can also make things easier by preparing your meals all at once a few days ahead of time, so they will be readily available when lunch and dinner roll around.
You can also support your weight-loss goals by eating healthy snacks such as nuts, yogurt and vegetables throughout the day. This not only speeds up your metabolism, it prevents cravings by keeping your blood sugar up. Finally, if you do have diabetes, heart disease or some other health problem, talk to your doctor before beginning any new diet plan.

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